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  1. 2021 - Fresh Start

    2021-01-11 11:00:22 UTC
    Since the first lockdown life has been a blur for many people In the first lockdown I was lucky enough to have the end of my degree to focus on and after that was able to go back to work.  After going back to work, I was constantly thinking of…

  2. NO SHOW

    2020-06-11 10:51:00 UTC
    Poppy is one of the mixed media textiles technical demonstrators as well as a curator and arts project manager, at Bath Spa university. Poppy has been working on a virtual degree showcase for the school of art to show off all the  students work, who want to put their work…

  3. Laia Abril

    2020-06-07 07:35:00 UTC
    Laia Abril, gave a talk to us on her very powerful and meaningful work that she created. Due to my current project Abril, was a key photographer to look at based on the subjects which she has chosen to create and has thereby become the style of her work.  Laia…

  4. Image Exchange - Brighton University

    2020-06-05 09:51:00 UTC
    During the current circumstances with covid 19, all university students have been doing their courses from home or from university accommodation where they are in lock down. Due to many things changing or being postponed at universities. Brighton university reached out to our course on our university Instagram page.  Their…

  5. Karen McQuiad - 3rd year consideration

    2020-06-05 09:50:25 UTC
    Karen McQuaid, came to our university last year to talk to us about her roll as a curator at “The Photographers Gallery” in London. Whose talk has always stuck with me, due to all the exhibitions she has put together with multiple different styles and presentations of the photographers work.…

  6. South West Graduate Photography Prize 2020

    2020-06-05 09:49:00 UTC
    2020 South West graduate show is now underway with submissions being asked for on their social medias. Another tutor from our course emailed when the submission opened encouraging us to apply. To which I have submitted my current project “The Grey Line”. The South West Collective is a company dedicated…

  7. Photograd 2020 - Online Degree Show

    2020-06-05 09:49:00 UTC
    Following Photograd online, I came across them promoting for submissions to “The Photograd Online Degree Show”, to which I have since submitted my work on depression, called “Ulysses”.  Photograd documents the journey of photography from UK based photography courses. It showcases the photography of graduates, old and new. Creating a…

  8. Further education

    2020-05-29 11:32:02 UTC
    During second year I spoke to one of my tutors about doing an MA after university, as it was something at the time I was considering doing because I wanted to but also so I could lecture at universities in the future. I was planning on doing this straight after…

  9. “The Grey Line” - Project Update

    2020-05-29 11:31:13 UTC
    final major project  I am coming to the end of my current final major project, “The Grey Line” this has led me to discover that as a photographer I definitely have my own unique style and organisation. Whenever I consider doing work it is personal to me, and these work…

  10. CV - Creative

    2020-05-29 11:31:00 UTC
    Rebecca Elizabeth Sheil Mobile: 07990033419 Email: Website: Instagram: rebeccasheilphotography Facebook: @RebeccaSheil98 Profile: I am a freelance photographer based in the East of England, from Essex. I am interested in fine art and poetic photography, which is evident within my style, also in the ways I photograph when documenting…

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