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“The Grey Line” - Project Update

final major project 

I am coming to the end of my current final major project, “The Grey Line” this has led me to discover that as a photographer I definitely have my own unique style and organisation. Whenever I consider doing work it is personal to me, and these work out the strongest. Since being introduced to photography I had always hoped to find a way of combining my passion on topics and issues with my passion for photography. 

When I was younger I wanted to change the world with my photography and now with having learnt my own unique style form at university and developing as  a photographer, I feel that the work I create does exactly that. Taking on one issue I am passionate about and using photography to create awareness on the topic chosen to document and create work on. 

After creating my project “Ulysses” in second year I had decided what I wanted to do as my final major project in 3rd year, which is when “The Grey Line” came into existence and planning. Having developed ideas about it since second year once the corona virus came into play some of the ideas had to be adapted and developed because of the unique circumstances we are still currently in. 

With lock down restrictions slowly easing now, things within the course have still had to stay the same. Meaning lessons have been online still and it is all online, contacting with printers for our final outcomes and we still cannot congregate in a group of more than six people when outside and must social distance when seeing people from other households. As we are now coming to the end of the course this is not making much of a difference for us, apart from our degree show and exhibition being postponed. 

My project although has had to change quite drastically from what I had planned previously, it has come together as a strong body of work I feel. Having created my final outcome which is a book on the project, I have been constructing the in-design document and have sent it off recently to be printed with Ripe Digital who have printed my other publications in previous projects. 

When working with them in the past it has always been contact over email when getting a quote and sending the documents off, the only difference now is that I cannot go and collect the books myself and will have to pay for them to be posted to me. Meaning Covid-19 has not really affected this process. I am now waiting for the books to be printed and sent to me. 

Not only have I created the book, but I have also experimented with the idea of a layout for a solo exhibition as an idea of showing and disseminating work at a later stage when lock down is lifted but for now the work is on our 3rd year Instagram page “The Isolation Collective” publicising our London show which we will be doing but has been postponed until next year. It runs alongside all my course years work also for this final project and is at least one way of reaching and advertising for all of us.

“The Grey Line” project has been one of interest and discovery for me, making it one of the most beneficial projects I have done on my course even though there has been a huge block and disruption from Covid-19, I feel I have adapted and made the best out of the bad situation and restrictions that have been in place during lock down. Overall I am proud of my project and will publicise it as a way to create awareness on the situation of sexual harassment and assault, which needs to be talked about more openly, not normalised and show it can affect anyone.  

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