Poppy is one of the mixed media textiles technical demonstrators as well as a curator and arts project manager, at Bath Spa university. Poppy has been working on a virtual degree showcase for the school of art to show off all the  students work, who want to put their work forward. 

The show is called “No Show” and is being held virtually on a website that Poppy is in the process of making. All though we will not be having a a physical degree show this year because of the global pandemic, this is just to showcase our works this year and we will be later having a physical degree show probably some point next year, this I have been told by my tutors. This will be a way of showing the work prior to the degree show and will help us to get notice within this strange time and pandemic. “No Show” creates a great opportunity to think outside the box and create a show online to showcase the work made at the end of our courses.
The beginning of submitting interest in the show, we were asked to send photographs or videos of our current studio set ups whether they be in a kitchen, bedroom,garage,garden etc as a way of documenting how we as students have adapted to working in the current situation. 

The link to a spread sheet was then shared to us that we needed fill, with our name, website and relevant social media. Since then we have also been contacted for our final images and artist statements. The limit is to submit three images of the work you are showcasing. One being bigger, the main image, than the other two in the gallery and will have to be submitted under our names along with being in number order from 1-3, number 1 being the main image. Resolution 3,000px on shortest side of each image, resolution should be at least 72dpi and a maximum size of 15MB per image. The artist statement will be 150 words (including spaces and punctuation and answer the following question - In an ideal world, if this was a physical show at Locksbrook where would you have displayed your work?  

Also as a contribution we have been asked for a two minute video of us speaking about our personal experiences during this pandemic and answering the questions:

  • How are you adapting to making art now? 
  • How has this changed your outlook of the future?

“No Show” will be launched on Friday 26th June at 5 pm

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