2021 - Fresh Start

Since the first lockdown life has been a blur for many people.
In the first lockdown I was lucky enough to have the end of my degree to focus
on and after that was able to go back to work. 

After going back to work, I was
constantly thinking of ways to adapt my photography and career plan for after
university, with the current situation with COVID-19, always changing. Leaving opportunities
in the photographic field quite limited.

Adapting to keep going was my main priority. Focusing on how
to develop my career at this time, which ironically took me away from photography.
Constantly worrying about how to make it work.

Realising now that I was putting too much pressure on myself,
too quickly. It would take time in normal circumstances but would take longer
due to current events.

2021, is about starting afresh and getting stuck back into
photography. No longer worrying about where it will take me, to get back into
taking photographs regularly.

With a few projects in mind to get stuck into. While still looking
out for opportunities to progress my career further with time.

2021 is a positive and exciting beginning, into what the future
holds for me. 

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