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Image Exchange - Brighton University

During the current circumstances with covid 19, all university students have been doing their courses from home or from university accommodation where they are in lock down. Due to many things changing or being postponed at universities. Brighton university reached out to our course on our university Instagram page. 

Their degree show is being moved on to an online exhibition, due to the lock down, where as our degree show has just been postponed to later this year or next year depending on the progression of the situation. In light of their situation as a fellow BA photography course graduating this year Brighton thought that they should attempt to extend our photographic community as 3rd year students graduating this year. 

Widening our community as we progress to leave our universities in this strange time, where each university is in the same situation. Uniting us in our practice and course that we have spent three years doing. Thereby creating a wider more supportive network for us to be able to showcase and promote each others photographic works and styles. By reaching out to us and other universities they are aiming to widen the photography graduate  community, that way not  just relying on our university’s local connections. 

By reaching out to university photography courses across the UK, Brighton has helped multiple people participating, see and share work of others who are in the same situation. Reaching out to us with their idea of participating in an image exchange which involves sharing a selection of work by the students graduating on our courses in different universities across the UK  this year and sharing them on each others social media platforms.

Over all establishing a community of emerging photographers who are all supporting each others work. Many of us on the Bath Spa course are up for this sharing and networking with these fellow students across the UK, helping us to get our work seen elsewhere, to reach a wider audience for after our course has ended. 

Some universities are now having online degree shows, so it is understandable they would want to reach out and connect to further afield possibilities, as they will not get the notification that they would from a degree show in physical form, which although ours is delayed we will still be receiving later on. But due to it being postponed it would not harm us as a  course working alongside others in the same current situation of not having a degree show at the end of the academic year. 

Since reaching out numerous of us have taken interest in this image exchange but due to the Instagram page not being to showcase just our years work, we have spoken to the head of our course to see if it would be possible to participate and are waiting to get the go ahead. Knowing that the idea was a positive and a worthwhile possibility, just now needing the clarification that using the Bath Spa Photography account for this image share is possible. 

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