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Further education

During second year I spoke to one of my tutors about doing an MA after university, as it was something at the time I was considering doing because I wanted to but also so I could lecture at universities in the future. I was planning on doing this straight after university at the time of talking to my tutor, which changed after the discussion with them. This was because at the time I had no idea what an MA actually consisted of and from what they told me it would be best to gain professional experience in the photographic field, to gain more knowledge and understanding before undertaking an MA.

Having looked into them over the last year it has been interesting to discover that at different levels of teaching one needs different qualifications, so if I wanted to go into teaching at a certain level it would depend on the necessity to do an MA for that type of teaching level. For example if I wanted to teach at primary level I would not need an MA but it would be necessary from me to have a PGCE qualification. If I wanted to teach at higher education level I would need an MA. This was all interesting to take into consideration, as to whether I just wanted to do an MA for myself or for the prospect of becoming a lecturer. Bringing to light more questions and aspects to consider before deciding what it is I want or need to do. 

Having done my case study on lecturing, it helped me to understand the qualifications needed further. Although I am still not sure if lecturing or teaching will be something that I take up in the future or what level would be best for me to teach at if I did consider it, but by having the research and understanding there I can always refer back to it at any point that I may consider the idea more seriously. 

PHD - A Doctor of Philosophy - is the highest university degree that is undertaken after a course of study  at universities. 

MA - Master Of Arts - The basic graduate level degree granted to grad students in fields in humanities, social science or fine arts. 

PGCE - The postgraduate certificate in education, is a one or two year higher education course, which provides training in order to allow graduates to become teachers within schools.

Even if I was not to become a teacher or lecturer I would still consider doing an MA at some point, once I am further into my photography work after leaving university. This is because it is something have always considered and been interested in doing. As a way of  building up my own self esteem in the photographic field that I will be my career throughout my life. 

At one point I had considered doing teaching of some form alongside my own freelance business. It has been interesting taking each element into consideration and in more depth, since having my discussion with my tutor last year, and what  I have learnt from research since then. Knowing now I would have to do different qualifications depending on what level of teaching I chose, they would have to come before considering doing an MA qualification. 

Although if I did not want to teach and am doing well within my freelance business, I would still consider doing an MA and a PHD in photography at a later stage in my career. Doing them overall for myself, helping me to continue learning and understanding the photographic field that I am determined to make a career out of.

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