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Websites are a great way to help create a online presents and portfolio for yourself. Websites can be given to people to look at your work and share it with other over people. To help you network within the career path that you go down. I had a website that I made back when I was doing my A levels as a way of getting some work experience. I decided to make a new website that would fit me better now. To show my progression within photography so far. Also in recording my progression as take it further into my future career path. 

For the new base of my website I decided to use “Format” as I had heard a lot about it and found it easy to work with when creating my new website.  The idea behind the website was to give myself a more professional ore to possible colleges and clients in the future. To do so I had to purchase my own domain name so the website would be under my own and not shown as for example “www.”. This would look unprofessional and seem like I was not investing in myself. In other words would look like I would not be taking myself or my photography seriously. I brought my domain name from “GoDaddy” which was simple to use. It was also easy to find a domain name that worked well for me on the site. I chose to use my own name “Rebecca Sheil”,as well as the job title “Photography”. By also buying a domain name with “.com” on it might sight will be seen further than it would if it was just “”. 

Throughout the process of creating the website I wanted to best represent myself and go with the idea that less is more. Which worked in the end as the whole layout I thought was simple yet effective. As it does what it is meant to do which is to showcase my photography. The website is shows who I am as a photographer and what I do.  The websites is an honest visual representation of myself over all. The landing page for me was the most complicated part as that is the first point of contact with possible clientele. It took me a while to decided which image I thought was a strong point of contact to describe myself and my photography. Other all I am extremely happy with the outcome of my website. I can now move on to making my business cards. Also developing my online presents even further. 

Using Format