Search Engine Optamisation

Search Engine Optimisation I had not heard of before our lesson on it. It is a process of maximising the number of visitors to a website by ensuring the site appears high on list of result retained by a search engine. It helps to grow your business to a point where you can change the fees you deserve, by coming up first on google and making you look like the best. It helps to attract the right clients and more clients to your sight. 

Google is the seach engine that has the most power and dictates over other search engines. Google desides how high up the search your website goes. It bases this of how active your sight is. By the people who visit it, how often it is updated and how much text imformation that google can see on it. To get sight listed and stay at the top of the search, the idea is that you keep doing suff on your website and keep working. This is one of the main aspects to keep showing google that the website is active and live. Automatically after a while google will move or remove a sight that has not had any activity for a long while. As google logs traffic to the sight.This is what you do not want if you are running business or just setting up. Depending on the number of links to the pages and there quality helps to rank them in importance. 

By working on your website weekly it keeps your activity strong. Learning what text would be relevant to google has interested me. This is due to google not being able to see images. That is were Alt text come in. Alt means alternative  and is a way of titleing or tagging imfomation or descriptions so that google can see more of the information in the sight and also that you are dedicated to making your website be seen by them and keep it up high in the search engine. With each tab and page it has to be clear and direct to what they are showing or being used for. For example a tab on portraits has to be just that can not be a miss of different things. They are crucial tags for pages to be found.

By optimising each page with descriptions someone would be able to search something that is relevant to one of your pages (that you have put in the description of SEO or Alt text) and it would come up in their search based of the word that they type in and are also used in your website. They would not have to just search your name or your business for pages of your sight to come up for them that are relevant to what they are searching for. The best way to do this is to think of each page as a stand alone page, putting just as much information onto each page. 

By adding all this information it confirms what the page is about. When putting the information in, it is best to think about how people would type in search terms relevant to your website. One aspect that also helps with keeping your sight high is launching with google. You do this by adding a location on google maps and then you can add in more information with this. Now the problem with many photography sights it that the photographers want the photos to speak for themselves, but due to images not being seen by google text is important to be on every page and the Alt comes into play to help describe the images that are there to google. This also means that if you put text as an image the text can not be seen so it is beneficial to actually type the text on the page. 

The main thing with all of this is to make it relevant and have the right content in which to be found in multiple different ways and searches. Everything needs to be full of information and description to make everyone interested. Using key words helps to get key people, the right people in on all the work you are creating and sharing online. Over all it makes your sight stronger and more noticeable it is not just left to go further and further down the search list. 

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