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#NoLable - Online Exhibition

“We see art as a way to explore emotions and states experienced by us and people around.”
“No Label: Invisible State” is an exhibition that takes place on Instagram, over social media and website. The exhibition has been created by Victoria Chikovani. The exhibition was suggested for me to participate in by a fellow course member, who knew about my work on dyslexia at the beginning of our third year at university. They suggested it to me due to the whole exhibition showcasing dyslexic artists. I jumped at the opportunity as a way of trying to get my work out in the world as much as I could and in as many places as I can. 

The connection to the “Invisible State” is to do with how dyslexia (which cannot be recognised visually) is being described sometimes. Many people know of dyslexia and how it is a learning disability, but few understand what it implies. 

“Being dyslexic myself and having worked with gifted people who have dyslexia, I know that we have our unique ways to communicate with the world that are worth sharing. I also believe that art practice helps develop extraordinary creative abilities and alternative approaches to dealing with challenges caused by dyslexia, which could lead to a whole new world of opportunities.” - Chikovani

The exhibition had two key rolls of which the individual participants could consider: 

1 - Being art enthusiasts who post their own art on “No Label” and partners’ media. To encourage dyslexic people to get involved in arts in any capacity they feel suits them. 

The help we need with content creation includes:

  • Your tips on how you deal with the challenges caused by dyslexia (how you remember information, read, listen etc.)
  • Creation of audio or visual content (by visual and auditory dyslexics respectively)
  • 2 - The other content creators who contribute to shaping the information part that helps general audiences understand what dyslexia feels like. To raise awareness about dyslexia among general audiences by creating informative content. 

    To take part as an artist, I had to: 

  • Follow @NOLABEL_ART on Instagram 
  • Post images of your artworks on your Instagram account using the hashtag #nolabelinvisiblestate and @nolabel_art. 
  • Send images (up to 3), Instagram user account name and a short description of your work.

  • Using Format