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Narrative - Fact

“Narrative Fact” Is the current title for our first project of 2nd year. The idea that we document purely on something that is factual and real. Narrative is an account of an event or story. This can be done in multiple different medias such as, Art, Photography and writing. Photography mainly use it to convey recoded events and share experiences. The brief for this project it that we have five weeks to apply narrative to our practice. At the end of the project we will present a sequence of images taken through out the five week time scale. 

When deciding what to do this project on, I found it difficult due to it being so broad. I had so many different ideas but did not know which would be suitable or good ideas. In the end I went with an idea and stuck to it. The idea was to document the people that I spend most of my time with at university. Mainly focusing on the girls I lived with. I wanted to capture how environment effects your identity. I will start this by photographing the girls within there own private space there rooms. To get a feel for there character and who they are. Over all I hope this will develop in the way I would like it to and I will produce a good body of work from it. 

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