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Inhabit The Earth

This was my first big book I have made and had printed from my first year landscape project, which I focused on the landscape that humans interfere in and then nature claims it back. After making a fashion look book that introduced us to the software of InDesign, where we could create and design our own books. The fashion look book having been small ment we could now experiment further with a bigger book for this project if we wished too. I felt that this project to me needed to be a book to get the point across and not a small book either. As can be seen on many of the pages the image covers a whole two pages to make a big impact. There was no writing used apart from the title either because I wanted the work to speak for its self and also see what other people took or got from the images with out my implications on the project. Personally I am extremely proud of this book and got it printed professionally over the summer and the results were beyond what I expected. It was a weird sensation to have a book of my own picture and own design, but it has given me a taste of what it is like and in the future I hope to produce and create more books. 

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