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Fused 44AD

At the beginning of 2020, our 3rd year course decided to put on an exhibition showing the work of everyone who wanted to exhibit as part of the collaboration content for that project.

Within planning the exhibition we compiled a list of everyone who wanted to contribute and show their work. By doing this we were able to divide up the rolls of what people wanted to do. The rolls being: 

  • Curators
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality (Food/drink)
  • Finances 
  • Installation 

These were the main areas which we divided up into, due to the exhibition being small ,there were few elements to consider but they still had to be of a high standard, to show case all of us and the work professionally. I was one of four curators who picked up the keys to our gallery apace at 44 AD in Bath, collected everyone’s synopsis for the work and images ready to be printed as well as collecting the many images each person had and discussing with them the way they would want them shown and exhibited. 

Once getting hold of this information it was about working out what could go where and how many could be displayed, explaining to some that they would have to print smaller or reduce the number of images based on the space we had. 

When it came to installation some aspects that weren’t expected came up therefore some people had to be moved to a different place, which was hard to explain to people who wanted their work somewhere else, but I managed to explain to each why, and many were understanding.  

For some of my fellow course members I know that getting to the outcome was stressful and hard but I enjoyed it and the fact that I was well organised so that the people who came to me with questions got the best answer possible for them. I felt proud of my roll and was happy that the exhibition came over successfully in the end. 

The experience was a testing time for some but overall brought everyone closer and emphasized that we all wanted to do more before the end of our degree.

The over all success of the exhibition led us to later decide and look into a bigger exhibition which we would fundraiser our self and would take place in London. (Which has since been postponed to next year due to Covid-19 meaning we will be fundraising from now till the summer the best we can online and later in person hopefully.)

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