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Fashion Look Book

The fashion project introduced me to the software of InDesign due to our brief saying that we would have to create a small look book off our images at the end of the project. The software was not as hard to use as I originally thought it would be and I began to pick it up easily. When deigning the look books we had to create physical dummies of the size, layout, text and images that we wanted our creations to have before moving it all into the right dimensions on InDesign. From the dummy book I beardly changed a thing when putting it all together on InDesign as the dummy book felt right to me and came out even better on the screen. When the end result turned up I was happy with everything the print, the paper type, layout everything, I was even happier to hear that one of the copies of it was brought to go in the library at Sion hill which made me very proud of my work. 

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