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The importance of having a art CV is vital for you to be able to apply for work that you are interested in and for people to see what sort of things you have accomplished over and throughout your career. It have to be up to date and relevant all the time. They are important for applying for jobs, residency’s and grants. Depending on what you are applying for depends on what should be on it and included. You should be able to adapt it to be relevant for what you want. A CV for art opportunities is different to a general CV for applying for a job. There are some aspect that are the same but with an art CV in some ways you have to include more areas. For example with an art CV you have to include where and who you have worked with before, what competitions you have been short listed for and exhibitions you have done or taken part in. 

Everything on the CV can and can not be included depending on what is relevant. with some CVs putting your age and date of birth on is good but sometimes it should not be about your age and experience it should just be about your skills. Which is one people chose not to include it sometimes. Other aspects that should be included are Social media handles,contact details, education, exhibitions, collcetions, Awards, Publications and commissions. 

Social media handles such as, tweeter, facebook and Instagram, are now important to include in a art CV. Due to how much of an imapact it all has on you and your business now. It is the same with including your website on your CV as that is were most people will go to get a feel of your style and work. When including your previous education, it should only show the highest of your education such as a degree or a master. When including exhibitions they can be solo exhibition or group exhibitions, depending on there importance to your career at the time. Would have to include information of the exhibition such as the title, where and the curators names. With collection that can be included on your CV, they can be private or public collections that your work has been brought by or for. Any publications that you are in or have made such as articles, books and magazines should be mentioned too. Also finally awards for competitions that you have entered. if you have been short listed, long listed or won. 

Now bellow is a copy of my own Arts CV in which I have included all the relevant information that I have at this time. Mainly showing what I have done so far:

Elizabeth Sheil 




rebeccasheilphotography   Facebook:

Profile: I am freelance
photographer, who is currently studying BA photography at Bath Spa University.
I am interested in all aspects of photography. From its history and how it has
developed to where it is today. I am hoping to further develop my understanding
and areas of interest in photography over the next couple of years. Currently I
am more interested in documentary and nature photography. Photographing issues
that are important and making them more aware to other.

Career History:

Internship at Matt Staple’s
Photography (2016 - 2017) Worked along side freelance photographer
Matt Staples doing stock photography, during my gap year before coming to

Steam Punk Wedding (2016) Steam Punk themed blessing
wedding ceremony.

Engagement Party (2016)

Children’s Party (2016)

Make Up Shoot (Essex Academy:
2017) Photographed the make up artists
as they work and the final outcomes by doing head shots of the models.

Rice Feeding Ceremony (2018) Religious ceremony where a child
is fed its first solid foods in celebration.

Wedding (2018)

Qualifications: BA Honours Degree

Exhibitions: -

Collections: -

Awards: -

Publications: -

Commissions: -

Training Courses: -


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