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Business Cards

Using Vista Print I desided to create some new more up to date business cards. I had some made on vista print on my year out before coming to university, but sinse then all the imformation on them has changed and I am now promoting myself more professtionally. Hense why I have created new business cards with all updated website links and email addresses added to it. 

The idea was to keep the design simple. While also connecting the card to the website and other online presents sights for example “Instagram” and “facebook”. To do this I connected the landing image on my website to being the image on the card. Before deciding on the main image on my card I did experiment with a few others but because they were not the same as the landing image on the website it did not work as well or connect them all together. By mixing up the images on the card and the website it seemed to me to reduces the strong connection between the too. Which is why I went with the same image in the end. 

The text on the cards I wanted to be the same or as similar as possible so I went with “Baskerville Roman” which was the closest I could get to the same text as on the website, which is “Constantia Regular”. I also changed the colour of the text from grey to black to fit in with the website too. 

By changing all the text to the same font it became a lot clearer and easiler to read. Although my name, job title and number are a bigger size text than the other imformation, it was so that they would stand out and be eye catching to everyone who gets given a card. The other imformation I did make sure was clear to read as well. The card by the end of it was simple and exactly how I wanted it to be. Doing all of these things to build up my profile and showcase my work, has made me feel good about investing into myself as a photographer. 

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