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Branding & Marketing

Branding and Marketing is a key part of creating and having a business. Also with getting people to hear about yourself and what you do for work. Branding is an overall experience of a customer that shows a organization of a product. Brands are used in business, marketing and advertising. Marketing on the other hand is a business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. Within branding and marketing the main parts are to ensure that you are promoting a professional persona and to validate who you are as in this case a photographer. Branding consists of many things such as, business cards, post cards, invoices, poster, logo and websites are some of the few things that are used to brand and market a business. It helps to be able to get all your information out there for people to look at and after looking maybe hire you. With branding it is important to make an impact. To be recommended and remembered through good designs. It has to reflect that this is professional and that way it will reflect that you are professional too. By your branding being strong it shows that your invested. That you spend time, money and effort into creating the professional identity that you showcase. 

“Invest in yourself and others will too”

By creating professional,outstanding websites business, cards excreta. Means that you are more likely to be remebered. As your first impresstions count. What people first see they can judge you on and that can make their desition as to weather to hire you or to find someone else. Even if the rest of your marketing and branding is up to a high standard but for example your opening page of your website is not stroing or professtional it can put a person off straight away. 

By keeping all you social pages up to date people can see that to put a lot of time and effort into your work. By being consistant through out all platforms you are taken more seriously by using the same logo, typeface and even colours so they are all professtional and link. That way people know that your website, Instagram excetra are yours by the way they all look and link. How you write also has a huge impact on how people read your personality across from your branding.By tying everything together across all platforms helps to make a stronger business. 

As with many photographer some have multiple business cards or websites depending on if they focuse on one are or more. For example they could have a sight for personal work and a sight for their commercial work. That way it is all kept ceprate and specific.Minnie portfolios are what many photographers use to show and cell there images. Also postcards are used as business card to write notes on to who ever you are giving the post cards too. There are many sights that can be used to make business card and websites, but its all about choosing what ones are right for you and your professional opinion.

Social Media has also become a huge part of marketing and presenting yourself. Sights such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a great why to promote exhibitions, book publishing and current projects. Within social media all your professional work must be separate from your personal life accounts. That way no one can see what you do in your every day life that are interested in you for your profession instead. This also helps the photographer and the business to network online as well as in person at exhibitions and talks.

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