1st Video session - Online University!

With the current situation of Covid-19 our lessons at university have been moved online. Due to everyone being isolated and having to work from home if they can. Within our first online session it basically got us used to the idea of being on video calls for lectures. Learning all about the software we were now having to use to show and represent our developing projects. 

It will overall take a while to get used to it and will not be the same as face to face which many are finding hard but due to being a creative course it is hard to put everything on the computer when we are so used to being hands on. Its fair to say that the university have tried to keep everything as normal as possible. Personally I do not think it will ever catch on for good, due to the whole course being about networking and working on our interaction with others to develop our careers and personalities as photographers.

The intimacy is definitely lost but the whole situation has made everyone closer due to being so far apart. Everyone socialising in a different way to keep up moral and motivation into our photography works. The online session went through concerns that would help everyone feel better and be able to force more on making the best out the current situation. 

Due to there being more anxieties now with the uncertainty of not only the course and the general situation. This session for many was a way to get any enquiries off their head and get clear answers which help everyone overall to feel more positive due to knowing what is going on. 

The lectures will be continuing as normal and workshops and guest speakers will also still be taking place but just on video calls keeping everything the same pretty much apart from the face to face connection of the course at the university and the use of the facilities the university has. 

The session talked about a few changes that I have discussed in posts before. Mainly outlining that work will not be submitted in the traditional form. Also talk of the degree show, London exhibition and graduation was discussed as all are definitely being postponed. Businesses with the facilities to help with printing books, zines and photographs were mentioned as well as places still open for developing film.

It was encouraged for us to think of ways to get work out there during the situation, which I have decided I will do by creating a shop online to sell my photographs as photographs, postcards, cards and calendars etc.. Also by encouraging the sale of my photo books on my website. Doing this to help get my name out there to a wider audience and to other photographers, while I am limited to photography job opportunities in the current situation not only due to the social distancing but other photography jobs not taking on any other people to work.  

Discussion about getting a job after or during the pandemic was brought up. Depending on how the situation develops depends on how hard or how much harder it will be to get a job within the photographic field. But one thing I will be thinking and trying to do is to adapt and make money during this time until I can eventually move forward to exactly where I want to be. As mentioned above, I will sell my pictures online while I am unable to take certain photos and work with people, but will also look for another source of income maybe away form photography but will still make photographic work alongside, so that I am always making and doing what I love over all. Also that way I will not lose sight of my overall goal of having a freelance business in photography some day. 

The teaching curriculum are also being adapted due to the changing times and not having access to do some of what was originally being asked of us at the beginning of the current project. The adaption in personal contact will be tackled the best it can be but we as photographers will have to also ask if help or guidance is needed due to not being able to go up to the lecturers whenever we want and they will not necessarily be able to pick up on when we are struggling due to the screen and limited time with them. Emphasising from this not to isolate oneself and to carry on as if talking online all the time is normal. 

Over all the changes have been assessed and discussed giving a clearer understanding on how things have changed and how we as photographers will have to adapt even more than we normally do in the profession. If there is an issue we learn to change and adapt and this situation will be a test of the limits that will be possible for many. 

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