We will meet again... (Covid - 19)

A project that documents my own life in isolation, as well as noticing the impact coronavirus is having on everyone differently. 

In an environment where key workers are the heroes, where social distancing is a thing, where we are all divided but also where we are all working together to protect each other from this invisible enemy. 

The project since starting has developed into parts, this is due to the events of the pandemic have eased and then gotten worse going. Laws, rules and regulations constantly changing going backwards and forwards. Leading us all round and round in circles. 

The project is split so far into 4 parts: The 3 lockdowns which we have experienced (2020 and 2021) and the Summer (2020) with the restrictions that were in place. Each lockdown has had a different effect on me personally as hinted in each parts titles. The photographs from each depict all my feelings but also document the situations at the time of each lockdown. 

The main aim of this project being to encourage positivity and reassure people we will all meet again. 

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